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spraying DDT to Eradiacate polioSpraying DDT to Eradicate Polio

During the polio epidemic of 1946, there was mass hysteria, and the media spread the misguided notion that spraying DDT prevented polio.

DDT Kills Mosquitoes, But Not Polio
DDT May Actually Cause Polio-Like Syndrome
DDT kills insects such as mosquitoes, however, DDT does not prevent polio.  DDT is a neurotoxin which causes infantile paralysis, a syndrome indistinguishable from polio, itself.

Morton S. Biskind MD published a series of articles in the medical literature describing DDT toxicity causing a syndrome identical to polio.(1-3)
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Newsreel from 1946 documenting the misguided spraying of DDT in San Antonio, Texas ordered by Heath Dept. director Mr.Crittenden, in an ill-fated attempt to wipe out polio. Rockford, Illinois, and Paterson, New Jersey also joined in.

DDT was banned in 1972. The Silent Spring Institute continues the work of Rachel Carson, and has focused on chemicals in the environment which are neurotoxins and cause breast cancer.

Video of Suzanne Humphries MD - DDT and Polio

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